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Your dreams, our expert craft: let’s build.

Take a moment and imagine how a Blue Iris Home will help you and your family thrive — not just today, but tomorrow, too.

Consider that, during the designing and building process, you’ll be part of the conversation and supported every step of the way. Picture your contentment, as you unpack the moving boxes in your new light-filled living room, with the knowledge that you and your family will wake up each morning in your own beautiful and health-giving sanctuary.

Take a moment and imagine how rewarding it will be, not only to have low electricity bills and no January drafts, but also to know that your sustainable home has contributed to your grandchildren’s potential to thrive on this beautiful planet. This is our dream.

And the only thing better than dreaming? Is doing.

A Blue Iris Home is for you if…

You appreciate time-tested tradition, and you also want to incorporate the most current energy + time + money-saving technology.

Your ideal home contributes to an optimal sustainable lifestyle for you and your family… including health, sleep, comfort, joy, finances, and the environment.

You have discerning taste, and you want a builder who will listen to your desires and manifest your vision as clearly as possible.

But you also want the confidence of working with experts who will take the reins with experienced eyes, cutting-edge knowledge, and artisan skills.

You want clarity around the financial investment in your home– with awareness and control every step of the way.

The Oakley Bungalow

Downright Cozy

A modern space in a historic neighborhood, full of light and character.

Are you dreaming of building a green home?


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